"The beauty of His And Hers is that everyone can see their daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother and grandmother in the women that ghost past Wardrop's lens. Lovely"

"Great new movie. Funny…sad. Highly recommend it. Magic moments every 20 seconds. Great. Excellent"

"His & Hers has won numerous awards on the film festival circuit and rightly so. I can’t recommend this film enough it so wonderful, and trust me you will want to call your mam straight after!"

Funny, profound and lovely to look at, Wardrop's film presents a telling portrait of Irish womanhood that may turn out to be this year's best Irish film.

"Ken Wardrop is certainly an original. And His and Hers is the blossoming of a voice"

"The result is a near-perfect act of cinematic sleight of hand: a beautiful tale told apparently by accident. No wonder His & Hers is the most lauded Irish film since Hunger"

"Funny and emotional, His & Hers is not just a beautifully-made film, but a real crowd-pleaser too. If you see one Irish movie this year, make it this one"

"You probably won't see a more thoughtful and touching documentary this year. The type of movie that has you leaving the cinema lost in your own mind, it really is a triumph, and deserving of the critical acclaim it has already received"

"His & Hers is the kind of life-affirming film that everyone in this misery-sodden country could do with seeing right now. It is also, without doubt, the best Irish film of the year. Seek it out as soon as you can"

“Each funny, tiny moment and small, humble insight compounds on the voices before, adding up to a truly moving sense that experience is universal, and love is what gets you through it”

“I should caution you that if you watch this movie, you will be struck with an overwhelming desire to go hug your wife, sister, girlfriend, mother, or daughter, whichever beloved female is closest and will tolerate being hugged by you.”

“The personalities differ with each interview and though all common sense would say that to tell a good story - documentary or fiction - we need to attach and identify with the characters - strangely with each 2-3 min interview Wardrope manages to find a dialogue so identifiable to the audience that all we need is this short period of time to fall in love and get sucked in by their lives.”

“The crowd reaction to His & Hers was priceless.  The laughter contained an air of sincerity that can only come from mouthes drawn into perpetual smile.  The gasps and bemoaning during the sadder vignettes were only indicative of the fact that the audience had found investment within the ninety seconds in which the story was told.  This documentary is a true testament to the power and persistence of family life”

“Through each of the 90 vignettes, Wardrop is able to show what has Irish men so smitten. These women are all funny, engaging and emotionally honest. As you get to know these women it is no surprise that Irish men love their women so much. While the film only contains one brief shot of a man, the men in these women’s lives come through in their stories.”

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